Shopping cart currency issue with Vendor order currency

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We are using SRM 7.0 with ECC 6.0 with classic scenario.
There is a strange issue :
Vendor order currency EUR.
User currency USD in org plan.but while creating a PO from approved shopping cart in SRM sourcing cockpit it should take vendor currency EUR.but it tooks user currency.why
while checking same shopping cart PO in R/3 it updates with user currency USD (which is in org plan) not with vendor currency EUR.
we don't know why the system is behaving like this.
But when we create a PO directly in R/3 it has taken vendor order currency EUR correctly.
So requesting all please help us where we need to check in SRM or any BADI's are overwritten this. how to debug in SRM.
Thanks in Advance,
can anyone help on this.
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