Sending Flash greeting card to multiple recipients with personalization

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We are creating a greeting card in Flash and I need to send it to several people and enable others in my company to also send it to their contacts.  I want the end panel to read something like "Dear [Client Name], Season's Greetings from [name] and [organization].  The card will be distributed via a link in an email.  I think I will create one presentation for each employee so that their name will be on the end panel. 
Is there a way to embed text strings in the email hyperlink so that when the user clicks the link, Flash will add those strings to the presentation?  I really appreciate any help you can offer!
Yes, that is what I read from your first posting.  If you look at the link I provided in my last reply you will see that it embeds some data that follows the question mark.  That is where you will embed the data you want for the url.  If you are not familiar with hiow that is done, the format is basically....
http:/ etc
So in your case you'd be using the names where I show name1 and name2, etc... (data1, etc are arbitrary variable names)
What you need is something waiting at the url that extracts that information and my first posting describes a couple of ideas for that.  A PHP program is geared for extracting those variables almost directly.
One thing you could also consider is not using the actual names in the url, but instead using some codenames that you use to look up the real names in a separate data file, but that is just an enhancement on the task you need to take care of.
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