Screensaver eMac monitor while in extended desktop mode?

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Officially, eMacs can mirror to an external display but cannot do extended desktop. Since my 2005 eMac's built-in monitor is only functioning correctly at low resolutions (see, I'm using a program called Screen Spanning Doctor to run it in extended desktop mode. My eMac is running Mac OS 10.4.11.
*I'm searching for a way to run a screensaver and/or turn off the eMac's built-in monitor while I continue to use my external monitor.* Is that possible? I've configured my external monitor to function as the primary display while the eMac's built-in monitor is the extended display.
Hi all,
I've found a solution to my problem!
I'd forgotten that Mac OS X allows each monitor in an extended desktop configuration to have its own desktop picture. I copied all desktop pictures to a new folder, used the procedure described at to copy all Apple screensaver photos to that new folder, and then configured System Preferences => Desktop & Screen Saver => Desktop to use that new folder and change the picture every five seconds. EDIT: I selected "Random order" too.
This won't be too distracting since I'm using an external monitor as my primary display. Also, this solution should require only a tiny percentage of my computer's resources. Thanks again to all of you for your great ideas!
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