Satellite 1900-303 memory upgrade conflicting advice

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my machine has been running even slower since I downloaded i tunes and norton. I understand that by upgrading the ram it should run faster without having the expense of buying a new machine.
The trouble is that I have read my manual, looked at this forum and spoken to Toshiba where I have now got 3 different types of ram to put in.
Can someone clarify, even Toshiba couldn't explain why the manual says different to what they are?
Thank you,
I dont know what information did you get from the different people but it seems that the simple 200-Pin PC2100 (266MHz) DDR SODIMM memory modules are compatible and supported!!!
You should be able to upgrade the notebook with every module which supports the specifications above.
It seems that two module slots are upgradeable and you can use max 2 x 512MB.
This page will confirm my suggestions:
I hope everything was clarified ;)
Have a nice day
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