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Hello All,
Is it possible to put some warehouse related controls and limitations in SAP APO (SCM) without having EWM? For example, a certain warehouse can only process 300 orders and if anyone tries to place order beyond 300 then it automatically pushes the CGID to next day?
Second example can be on availability of truck? If the Truck leaves Warehouse only twice a day for a certain customer, then APO (SCM) automatically place the order on those two days?
You might be able to get GATP to meet at least some of your requirements with some creative thinking and enhancements. Standard GATP does not consider warehouse (field is not transferred from ECC to GATP during the ATP check), so you would add that to the field catalog through an enhancement (relatively simple). You could then use Product allocation functionality to limit the warehouse to 300 orders per day. Standard product allocation functionality is based on order quantities, not number of orders, so you would need an enhancement to modify this behaviour (sounds simple, but you would have to explore).
I don't understand what you mean by 'CGID', but you could get GATP to commit material availability dates based on warehouse limitations (push out material availability date based on next available free 'slot' in the warehouse). As long as you run the delivery due list with a short (say 1 day) window, this might work.
Configurable Process Scheduling (CPS) functionality within GATP may also work for your requirement of 'truck leaving warehouse only twice a day to a certain customer' - using customer-specific condition tables for transportation activity calendar determination.
One thing to remember is that GATP works only on commit dates of Orders (Sales Orders/ Stock Transport Orders), it doesnt directly influence actual pick/ pack/ ship activities in the warehouse (it does affect warehouse operations indirectly .)
Rishi Menon
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