RV180W Firmware Update

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I saw a post with a response stating that a new RV180W firmware would be released by end of 2013.
It was part of the RV220W posts.  I can't find that post but we (community) really need a update that fixes these issues like 100% CPU, selective logging  ect....
It would also be nice if features from older routers could be added.
For example, I'm missing some of the logging features from my old WVRS4400N 1.1.13. Like having a firewall rule that you can check to have it logged.!
For example:
Oct 6 05:56:29 - [Access Log Log i7] Allow TCP Packet - -->
Oct 5 06:50:27 - [Access Log 128higher] Deny TCP Packet - -->
I also remeber seeing this post.
I think the post was in relation to the Device Emulators which have been running since before Christmas.
The Cisco response was the the new release was expected "by the end of the month" (December 2013). Now, another month on, there is still no sign of it (although there have been updates for other routers in the RV range).
As I've discussed on here before the RV180 is a great piece of hardware- however the support updates and bug fixes have been terribly slow. It certainly prevents this being the world class product you might expect from Cisco.
Any updates on the next release and what it might address in terms of bug fixes and new features?
Kind Regards,
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