Runtime error in KM

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Hi Experts,
  When i preview user profile iview it shows message like this
"The requested page has been replaced by the new Web Dynpro based administration. Please refer to SAP Note 869852 if you want to use the old administration UI. Click on the following link to access the new administration screen: /useradmin"  so i followed this note 869852. I disabled the disable the UME WD UIs after that my KM getting "runtime error". I follewed "Re enabling the old UME UIs in SAP NetWeaver Portal" based on the same SAP note but i am getting same error. It does not work km and Collaboration Launch Pad also. How can i rectify this, please help me.
Senthil k
Hi Senthil,
> after that my KM getting "runtime error".
This will have caused log entries within the default trace. Please check this!
And in addition, if you really followed a SAP note exactly and this led to an error, I strongly advise to always open an OSS message, as this will help SAP to raise the quality of their products / SAP notes. On the other hand, you should double-check what you have done, as opening OSS messages when the customer just has done something wrong is always a bit annoying for the support staff. I definitely belief that raising the quality of customer OSS messages on the long run will raise the quality of the responses...
Hope it helps
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