Reversal of reversals not permitted in case of returns&payments FICA (ISU)

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We are constantly facing a problem on which we would like to have comments from you.
A payment comes and clears a receivable. A return is posted for the payment and the user later realizes that the return was posted incorrectly. Now, a reversal of this return is desired. SAP (ISU in FICA module) does not allow to reverse this and throws the message u201CDocument XXXXXXX can not be reversed due to reset clearingu201D.
Same is true for the reversal of a u2018payment reversalu2019
Just a question, instead of resetting the clearing at step 4, why don't you reverse the payment document?  When reversing the system is smart enough to know that this is a payment document and asks whether you would like to transfer it back to clarification.  So you don't actually reverse it.  If you say yes then you have two options.  Leave it in clarification and wait to see what the customer wants to do.  Secondly if you want to post it on account to the contract account you can do this out of clarification.  If you find out later that it was the wrong contract account the sysetm again lets you reverse this document (which again puts it back in clarification) so that you can post to the correct contract account.
I think that your problem is that by reset the clearing that you lose the clarification link.  When I am playing around with payments and returns I always use the reverse document first because it give the option to take it back to clarification.
Hope this helps.
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