Replacing internal drive on a 2 ghz intel core duo

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I am thinking of replacing my internal drive (80GByte) with a bigger one. Is it possible to replace it on ones own? I couldnt find any docs about this.
Found only docs about the macbook drive replacement.
And: Is there any limit concerning the drive size?
There are 250Gbyte drives on the market (5400rpm) and I concider buying one, or is it better with a 160GByte?
And: What about the 7200rpm drives. Are they producing too much heat maybe?
Thank you for answering and helping..
Doesn't matter which one you pick.
Take a look here for instructions.
I had a 7200 rpm drive when I had a Core Duo 17 and found that the palmrest got a bit warm. The 5400 drive didn't get so warm but then it was also in a Core 2 Duo which is a bit cooler.
Best of luck.
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