Removing Resolution Warning?

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So I've bought an Apple mini-DVI to video adapter so I can use front row on my TV. One caveat - when I try to use any photos in front row, it will hang indefinately because iPhoto will open and display a warning that my output resolution is too low. No kidding... it's connected to a 10 year old TV. So I was wondering if there was any possible way to disable this warning permanently so I can use front row without having to get up and close the warning every time.
Output resolution too low...of the decade old boob-tube, huh? It's a shot in the dark, but apparently the resolution of the TV isn't compatible with the hardware/software mix.
I've never tried it, but perhaps resizing the images to a lower resolution might help? Maybe make a smart album of a test set of images. Dupe them and resize them to, what? 36ppi or something. Give that a shot?
Hope that helps!
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