Reading String within the single quotes

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Hi All,
Can you please let me know, how to read a String within the sinle quote in line.
I have to read a report into internal table and again from that I need to read a string within the single quote. Please help me in this.
Thanks in Advance,
I have the following code:
REPORT  test.
DATA:  v_test(05) TYPE c.
v_test = ‘TTT’.
I am getting this errror:
Field “TTT” is unknown.  It is neither kin on e of the specified tables nor defined by a “DATA” statement.
For some reason, my single quote is not being recognized from my keyboard.  I noticed that my emotion icons are not being displayed either (example:  I type and i do NOT get the smiley face on my end).
Is there a button that I pressed that caused that?
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