Re-locate itunes library from NTFS external hard drive to Time capsule

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I have 90% of my itunes files on an external hard drive which I used as the location of my itunes library when I was using a pc.
I now use a macbook 80GB.
I cannot use my external hard drive with my macbook as it's filing system is NTFS, and so incompatible with macs.
I wish to transfer all my music from the external hard drive to my Time Capsule, and use the TC as my new external hard drive and the location of my itunes library, ( as well as using the TC as my main back up location with Time Machine.)
Firstly....the very basics.....
How do I use TC as a external hard drive generally?
To be the location of my large folders, files ( and itunes collection)that take too much space on my macbook.
Am I right in thinking that I need to do the following...
Get Airtport utility on my pc, connect to TC and transfer from external HD to TC.
I would greatly appreciate all help and suggestions, as I am unsure as to all of these tasks.
Many Many Thanks
You could plug the WD drive straight into the TC but it will be much faster to do it with the WD drive plugged into the computer.. and just mount the TC hard disk in Finder.
To move itunes library you must follow the Apple instructions..
You may need to reconnect itunes to the library before you try to move it.. !!
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