Raising a notification from 3rd party software

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We have a client looking at raising notifications within the asset management system of SAP via a sql/.net software application. The 3rd party software has a defect register which could be used to open the SAP notification. We would like to populate the fields automatically when the notification is opened.
Is there a current feature within SAP to raise single or multiple notifications via a 3rd party application?
Hi russel,
Things are where they were.
Any Function Module(BAPI here) is the ABAP part. So the solution involves 3 parties.  The BAPI suggested helps in creating a Notification by receiving parameters as Inputs. Where these parameters come from? These come from 3rd party software (you called so) through interface (XI here)
Flow is like this.
Interface (XI) - Receives parameters from your Browser (assumed you called it 3rd party) and translates into SAP field names and values.
ABAP  - Receives these inputs, feeds to the BAPI the output of which is a Notification.
BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE  is a Notification creation tool (Function module) in ABAP. This receives SAP field values as inputs and generates a Notification.  It has got a wide range of applications in regular SAP developments.
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