Question about adding tags to images and music

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Hi I have an artist page online and I have read that adding meta tags to your page does absolutely nothing to help search engines these days and then someone recommended adding tags to the images on my site using aperture (which I cant afford) so can anyone explain if I can do this in iphoto or photoshop? and also can I add tags to the mp3's available on my site to better perform in search engine searches? can i do this with itunes?
Thanks in advance
The search engines have to be lead to your music/photo page using an appropriate URL and having a text description with as many relevant "key" words as possible.
Also, you need as many links to this page as possible from other sites as well as your own pages.
When I enter one of my own song titles and name into Google, all the top listed links are sites that sell digital downloads and CDs. Have a look at the way these sites list your music to see the most effective way of doing it on your own website.
Obviously, you first have to add your URL to Google, Yahoo etc and get them to verify your sitemap.
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