Process Flow - mapping not inserting data

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I have a process flow that executes three mappings in sequence i.e Map1 -> Map2 -> Map3.
However, sometimes the process flow will execute and no data will be inserted by MAP2, other times it runs ok. If I run the mappings directly data is always inserted.
The only workaround I've found is to add a WAIT of 10sec between Map1 and Map2 in the process flow.
Has anyone come across anything like this and how did you work around or fix it?
OWB btw.
PS. transitions are ok.
If you have any map inputs make sure they are also declared in the processflow map - you basicly need to bind them.
You probably need to investigate from the beginning to understand your result of incoherent data.
What I would to first is.
1. Generete an intermediete code - choose your table as outgroup.
2. Review the code - are there any loading hints ?
3. Debug the map
Check your locations.
If everything seems right then the problem should lay on your workflow manager.
Remember that the workflow manager has only one namespace, so watchout for mapping name. I had strange executions on my PF because one of my maps had a "½" in the name.
Check the settings of the map - if you have enterd a set based run in your map and a row based run in the processflow.
Remember the setting in the processflow is the "superior" one
Just ideas what you can do.
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