Problem with Master -Details forms in seperate pages

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Hi ,
Below is the scenario:
I have Institution and a department tables where there is a foreign key relation between the tables. So now i have two entity objects for the 2 tables and 2 view objects(DepartmentView,InstitutionView) from the entity objects.
I also have a view link between them.I made a master-detail relation between them in the datamodel using the view link.So my appmodule now has getters for the department view,institution view and viewlink.
I now have a jsp page "createInstitution.jsp" which contains a form for the institution , i have a "next" button on the same jsp which calls a method in my appmodule class .This methods just inserts the record into the Institution view. In this method i am able to see what the user entered in the form by getting the viewrow record like the below code :
InstitutionViewRowImpl newInstitutionRow=(InstitutionViewRowImpl) getInstitutionView().first();
The next button navigates to the next page "listDepartments.jsp" which contains the list of departments that are added. This page has a button "Add Department" which takes to to the "addDepartment.jsp" page which shows a form for adding a department. This page also has a button which calls a method in app module class. The method just inserts the record into the view(DepartmentView)
Here when i say
DepartmentViewRowImpl newDepartmentRow=(DepartmentViewRowImpl ) getDepartmentView().first();
the newDepartmentRow is null.
Also on the addDepartment.jsp form , i had used a output field to see what the parent id was and interestingly the parent id is 75 which is first institution in the database. It should have been "-10" , a temporary id assigned.
Can someone please tell me what is the problem with my approach?
I don't understand why you are using a method on your button to insert the record into the table - An Oracle ADF Form will do the insert for you by default without any coding.
See the create pages in these tutorials:
The method that you are calling just returns the first record in the rowset - I don't see how it has anything to do with actually inserting the data into the table.
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