Problem with Dunning letter

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I have printed the Dunning letter to be sent to the customer and when i looked at the signature part there are two signatures are appearing where only one signature is supposed to be there.
could please help how to resolve this like where i need to check for the possibilities?
Thanks in Advance for the help.
You need to check the program which is generating dunning notice in your case. You can reach your dunning form in following way:
1. T-Code FBMP
2. Select your dunning procedure
3. Click on Dunning texts
4. enter your co.code & select account type
5. You will find forms corresponding your dunning levels
6. Select  the level you get two signatures  then
click Goto (on top) > Display Form
7. now click on utilities > Form info
This will bring out detailed info about your form.
You can review the footer of  this with your ABAPer and thus would be able to find the root cause of the issue.
Please let me know if this helps
Warm Regards
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