Problem w/12.0.3 installation/ problem opening jpg from bridge

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I used the update button to update Cs5 to version 12.03
After updating I got a message "update complete but with errors"...
I can't seem to "re" update my software.  I tried manually installing the updater and got this
The version number PS shows as running is 12.0.3
Also, since trying to do the update, I have a bug...   Everytime I try to open a jpg by clicking on the thumbnail in Bridge I get "Adobe CS5 has stopped working" message  The only way I can open a jpg is to open with ACR....
If I click a jpg from Windows Explorer, it will open in PS. just not from Bridge. I do have the correct setting in preferences to use PS to open jpg files
Thanksfor your help.
The most common reason for patch to fail is the absence of folder "AdobePatchFiles" folder or it's content from location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe\AdobePatchFiles" and it's counterpart location in Mac.
If this folder or its contents are missing then the patch cannot be applied , the only way to resolve this is to Reinstall the product and then apply patch again.
Now there can be two cases :
1) Was this folder removed manually or some other action caused this removal of folder( May be some script or Defragmentation or anything). In this case please reinstall product and apply patch again.
2) If the folder and its contents are intact but still patcher failed, then please follow the following steps:
     a) Create ribs3debug file without any extension inside %temp% directory of your system
     b) Run Patcher again
     c) If it fails , send the log files that are generated inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers
Hope it clears some of the facts around failure. If there are any underlying issues then we all hope to resolve them as soon as we have more information.
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