Problem in Triggering the Mail to SAP Inbox

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Dear Experts,
                 I have a problem for triggering the Mail option to SAP Inbox.
We created a Job assigning the program RSEIDOCA,RSWUWFML2 by creating a variant for those programs. We are scheduling the job,  It is showing as
24.11.2010 12:43:46 Job started                                                                     00           516          S
24.11.2010 12:43:46 Step 001 started (program RSEIDOCA, variant ZRSEIDOCA, user ID__ )        00           550          S
24.11.2010 12:43:48 Error situation found by evaluation                                             E0           596          S
24.11.2010 12:43:48 Step 002 started (program RSWUWFML2, variant ZRSWUWFML2, user ID__)      00           550          S
24.11.2010 12:43:49 Job finished                                                                    00           517          S
But while checking in SOST, we are unable to see those mails. eventhough the user is unable to get those mail in SAP INBOX.
I think, is there any authorization problem while triggering the mail for that particular user id.. Please tell me the solution, this is very high requirement for me.
Thanks in Advance.
Hi Chandra,
          Thanks for your reply. Actually i am not workflow consultant, thats why i asking this question. Where to assign the Receipient Type and Recipient Notification.
you give Recipient Type as position and Recipient of Notification must be position of the reciepient,
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