Presenter 7 not playing videos

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Hi, some of the videos I import to a slide are not played after publishing.
Source videos are DV-Video & PCM-Audio. Further details or a sample can be provided.
I'm using Presenter 7 on a WinXp machine using Office 2003. Same issue happend on a Win7x64 machine using Office 2010. OS, Office & Presenter are up to date with the latest patches.
Here's the problem: When I import a video on a slide, either on the slide or in the sidebar and then publish it, it won't play. The browser (FF, Chrome, IE) or machine I use don't change the behaviour. Flash is up to date.
The videos I import are converted using the Adobe Media Encoder CS5  (trial). I've tried a lot of different options (F4V, FLV, H264, all with  different options), none work. Also, Presenter reencodes h264-file  encoded with Adobe Media Encoder.
During the importing dialogue I get, when the video is in a natively supported format, an error message saying that there is a problem with the file and it might not play. Imports which are from an unsupported format do not produce any error messages, neither during selection of the file nor while/after the encoding. For testing purposes, I tried  importing the Videos directly (without transcoding them before, the  DV-Video Source files). This works with all videos, as long as the  quality of the import is not set to high.
Playing the video in the "edit video" dialogue always works.
In the published page, the slide runtime corresponds to the video runtime.
Also, when editing the video files (mainly splitting & joining, but  also audio editing; I tried different software), the files won't work afterwards, no matter if and and how they are encoded (lossless, MPEG2, AVI and  more)/imported to Presenter. Splitting & joining is an absolutey  essential workflow step.
The peculiar thing is, some of the videos do work and some don't - there is no difference in the recording technique or anything else of the files.
Here's what I'm getting
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