Presentation Variable in the SQL default section in the dashboard prompt

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Hi Gurus,
I have two prompts and two go buttons. First Go button is used to populate pv_category1 presentation variable.
category_column --> pv_category1--> 1st Prompt
Product_Column --> pv_product2 --> 2nd Prompt
I want to set the default for the 2nd Prompt depending on the 1st Prompt ( Category) chosen by the user.
In the SQL default --> i have typed in the below Query.
*Select TableName.Product_Column from Subject_Area where category_column = '@{pv_category1}'*
The Problem is that i dont get any default value for 2nd Prompt after choosing the First prompt and hitting the GO Button.
If i hardcode the value in @{pv_category1} ...
for eg
Select TableName.Product_Column from Subject_Area where category_column = 'Incidents' i get the corresponding value as default.
But i want this 2nd prompt (product) to dyamically default depending on the 1st prompt (category) chosen by the user.
I am using OBIEE and i have googled a lot on this topic...
can we not use Presentation variable in the SQL default section of the Dashboard Prompt?
Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for the Quick Reply.
But the functionality that i want to achieve is the default value in the 2nd column (out of many values for 2nd column) based on the 1st column chosen by the USER. for eg we have two columns in our database ie category and Product.. Data goes like this
category ProductName
Incidents --- A
Incidents --- B
Incidents --- C
Changes --- D
Changes --- E
Projects --- M
Projects --- N
Projects --- O
Projects --- P
If the User chooses Incidents in the first prompt then the default in the 2nd prompt should be B ( out of A,B,C Values available in the 2nd prompt)....
Checking the constraint checkbox doesnt solve the default problem...
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