Podcasts in a playlist only play one at a time instead of in seq

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I just got a 6G nano iPod.
I have smart playlists that include my favorite podcasts in reverse time sequence.
When I play from this list, only one episode at a time will play.  After the episode completes then the iPod goes back to the playlist where you can manually select the next podcast.
This works fine on my 3 or 4 G (I don't know which it is) nano.
I want to play all the podcasts in the playlist one-after-the-other without stopping playback.
I have smart playlists which have Media type "Podcast" and Play Count = 0.  These playlists were only playing one song at a time.
The solution that I found to the problem was to
connect ipod
goto ipod in devices
select podcasts
select sync podcasts
Scroll down to Include Episodes from Playlists
Then select all the smart playlists that include ipod episodes.
This means those playlists are copied to the ipod and they play in order.
It doesn't seem to matter whether or not the playlist is selected as well under the Music tab.
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