Playing Just Recorded Speech Through Headphones

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I am trying develop an app that I can use as an intercom when doing roadtrips in a Caterham 7. I have a splitter and two pairs of headphones with the microphone built in which already allow me to hear the other person and vica versa, with us both being able to talk. I simply want this app to isolate the sound from the input and play it out the output, so the other person can hear it. I realise there will be a small delay upon you hearing yourself in your own ears, but it means we can carry around as little as possible.
The app should maybe be able to cancel the noise of the car as much as possible, for which I can record the sound of the car for 'something to compare the input to', and also be able to minimise with iOS4 so that the iPod feature of the phone can play, and when somebody speaks, the music is quietened so they can hear each other.
What I have said probably is quite hard to understand, but I am new to Developing with little understanding of programming, but I can follow instructions to achieve my goal.
Many thanks,
Cool! I didn't realize they were loud enough to warrant that though...
Anyway, check out This document in the documentation, and the Audio Queue Services Programming Guide.
Hope that'll be of some assistance in getting you started!
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