PL/SQl Libary not working

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I am trying to create a report that uses an Attached Library which contains a dynamic SQL statement.
1. The formula that calls the library is as follows:
Return Calculation('Sales.MTH_Sales', :Month);
2. The Library looks as follows:
Function Calculation (Field in Char, Month in Char_ Return Number is
Value Number;
Select Sum(Field)
Into Value
From Sales
Where Sales.Month=Month
Group By Store;
Return Value;
I get an error of "invalid number" when I run the report. The Field needs to be dynamic meaning it can be any field such as Sales.MTH_Cost and etc. I think the passing of the Field string is the one causing the problem. Any idea how I can solve this?
Thank you in advance,
I am replying to this problem because I did not receive any response to the problem. Will appreciate if there's someone out there who can help me, thank you in advance.
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