Picture update in lync

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We have a new setup with AD 2012, Exchange 2013 & Lync 2013.
The AD & Exchange setup is Domain :   ABC\username  while the smtp address is
[email protected]
When I setup my picture for the first time via outlook (exchange portal) it gets picked up by LYNC client (lync / outlook 2013) immediately and the user can see his picture on the Lync client.
now when the user updates the picture from outlook again, the updated picture is seen on exchange, outlook conversations and even verified via AD picture browser BUT doesn't update on the LYNC client.   
On the LYNC client it updates after 4 / 5 days ( very surprising ).
on the client side , when I check the lync client configuration information, it shows that the EWS is not deployed, there are no internal or external url set and the hanging notification state is disconnected.
now if I change the user account's smtp from [email protected] to
[email protected]  then this behavior changes and all the ESW and URLS and notification state is seen OK ok the client end and the picture updated via outlook is reflected on Lync client perfectly.
any idea on what I can do ??  
Hi ZaidUmer,
It seems that your SIP address and Primary SMTP address does not match, Lync will look at your primary SMTP address and attempt to use it to find the EWS URL via Autodiscover after signing in.
It’s recommend to use the same SIP and SMTP address.
Also Holger’s post is right, with the correct configuration of DNS records should be able to resolve your problem.
Best regards,
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