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Hello...when I drag the Photoshop template into Dreamweaver,
it becomes a jpeg. How can I use a Photoshop template in
Dreamweaver and have the capability to change the text and add text
over the template?? With the background as a jpeg, I cannot type
over it unless I use AP Div, which I don't want to use.
Thank you!
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"elechal23" <[email protected]> wrote in
news:f61bgv$pjm$[email protected]..
> Well the template came with a psd file and a few
pictures. But my problem
> is
> that I did not really want to type everything out in
photoshop, I wanted
> to do
> it in dreamweaver but I cannot type over the slices
unless I use AP Div,
> correct? Or is there another way to type over photoshop
slices in
> dreamweaver?
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