Photoshop locks when I open a file

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I have CS5 and CS6.  I had downloaded FontExplorer X but subsequently uninstalled it because I was not using it.  Then the problems started... if I missed the little dialogue box that would pop up when I opened a file, PS would be locked.  So I went to my plugin folder and deleted the folder for FontExplorer X all together.  Now I can't even get a file to open in PS; it just locks and I can't do anything but end task from my task manager.
I am running Windows 7 on a PC.  How can I get this plugin gone once and for all?  I tried to go to Edit>Preferences>Plugins but without opening a file (which locks PS) I can't get to that menu choice.
Please help.    
You may have to simply uninstall Photoshop altogether, then delete the remaining application folder as it may contain support files for FontExplorer. Then reinstall and try again.
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