Photoshop Elements Plug-in for Canon 5D Mark III

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I just got a new Canon 5D Mark III camera.  I can not open RAW files in Photoshop Elements 7.  I previously had a nikon D200 and was able to read RAW files after I downloaded plugin.  What plugin do I need to download for the Canon.  Can't seem to find one.
Update to PSE12 or use Canon DPP that came with your camera disk. Alternatively, download and install the free Adobe DNG converter to convert your raw files to the Adobe universal Raw format and the files will open in all versions of PSE (keep your originals as backups and for use in the camera manufactures software)
Windows download (.exe file) click here DNG Converter 8.2
Mac download (.dmg file) click here DNG Converter 8.2
You can convert a whole folder of raw images in one click. See this quick video tutorial:
You Tube click here for DNG Converter tutorial
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