Photoshop Elements 6.0 stopped working

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I was working in my Photoshop Elements 6.0 program on my MacBook while it was hooked up to a TV monitor, but while I wasn't paying attention someone unhooked it and I lost the top tool bar and the bottom window in my program.  I tried restarting my computer, un and reinstalling the program, but it still is not working....   HELP!!!!!
Yes, that's a good point, 99jon. Thanks. kysma0710, you want that preference pane set to the highest available resolution:
You won't see any numbers that big if you aren't using an external display. Just pick the highest ones available.
Your username is the name you have for your os x account. The files I said to to delete are in the folder where I said to find them. Just look for them and delete them if 99jon's suggestion doesn't fix it for you. They are all preference files for PSE that might have gotten corrupted and PSE will automatically build fresh copies the next time you launch the program.
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