PDF Forms + Illustrator CS4 (losing form functionality after saving in Illustrator CS4)

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I have a form set up that I use to keep information about various projects. The form was created in Illustrator CS3 and Acrobat Pro 8. Previously, data could be entered on the form by another Acrobat user, then opened in Illustrator CS3 by the artist to add artwork to the document. While open in Illustrator, none of the information entered on the form would be visible (the form would appear blank), but after saving the document and opening it in again in Acrobat Pro, both the artwork from Illustrator would appear and the information in the form fields would still be present as well as editable.
Now I take the same form, I can fill out the data fields in Acrobat Pro 9, save, then add artwork in Illustrator CS4 and save it, all form data is lost and I'm not able to add anything to it in Acrobat Pro 9. (Illustrator seems to be breaking the form and wiping out any info that was previously entered onto the form).
Any ideas on how to get around this? I tried taking the original document and running it through the forms wizard to sort of re-make the form in Acrobat 9, but I still lose form functionality and information once I save it in Illustrator CS4.
Actually found a SOLUTION!
I guess in Adobe infinite wisdom and my lack of formal training in adobe acrobat
i was unaware of the TouchUp Object Tool (Tools>Advanced Editing>TouchUp Object Tool) it allows you to delete images and Place new images (although doesn't allow placement of .ai or .eps, just compressed images)
Can also nudge and remove other objects.
Hope this helps.
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