PDF file shows different numbers of text blocks in CC 2014 and CS6

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I've inherited a file at work that displays different numbers of text blocks, depending on the version of Acrobat used to view the file. Here's the specific issue:
As viewed in CC 2014:
"Chapter 1 - Chapter One Title": Appears as two text blocks -- one for "Chapter 1 - " and one for "Chapter One Title"
As viewed in CS 6:
"Chapter 1 - Chapter One Title": Appears as a single text block -- "Chapter 1 - Chapter One Title"
This occurs only with regard to single-digit chapter numbers that are whole numbers. So:
Chapter 1, Chapter 5, and Chapter 7 entries appear as two blocks in CC 2014, one block in CS6.
Chapter 2.0, Chapter 6.1, Chapter 10, entries appear in single blocks in both CC 2014 and CS6.
The PDF file was created -- I believe -- through the save-to-PDF feature in Word 2010.
Any idea what's happening here?
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