Payroll Run processing error out with PTO element

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I have created new payroll and trying to process first payroll of employee but when we are processing with PTO element it is getting error out below error.
UDF Error in formula PTO_NONEXEMPT_VACATION_ORACLE_PAYROLL at line 45: Value exceeded allowable range (line 133 of XXRAC_PTO_HD_ANNIVERSARY_BALANCE)
Thank You
Nitin Maheshwari
               there are several ways to reprocess the structure of a SSAS 2005 object.
               In my example I use an SSIS 2005 processing task in an ETL package, but the simplest way is:
               Log on to the database using SQL Server Management Studio 2005; Open the cubes tree under your database, and right-click one of the cubes; Choose "Process" from the context menu and then another window will open. This window should show your cube name and then some options; Under "Process Options", change the default option (I think it's "Process Full") to "Process Structure". Click "OK" and the structure of your cube should be reprocessed, correcting the error.
               Some observations: You might have to do this first for all the dimensions, because the cubes depend on them, and you also might have to do it one object at a time through this method. Through an SSIS 2005 package, you are able to do this in batch using a special SSAS processing task.
               Let me know if you solved your problem.
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