Payment program- error in payment proposal

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i am trying to run payment program and after entring all the parameters, i tried to display proposal, but it gave me following error and message no.
Message no: FZ003
Error: Compnay codes TT00/TT00 do not appear in proposal 04/13/2007.
No data exists for the specified paying company code TT00 and the specified sending company code TT00 in payment proposal 04/13/2007.
Check the flow trace and payment proposal list in order to determine why the specified company codes are not contained in the proposal.
please reply asap , as i need to pay vendors by tomorrow.
my paying co code and sending co code is TT00 in FBZP
This means that there are no invoices due on the dates you have specified in the proposal. Check the following:
(1) The due date of the invoice that you want to pay;
(2) The posting dat of these invoices - they should be before the "Docs entered up to" date that you entered in F110.
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