Pass Dynamic value to a field in xslt

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I have 5 different bpel processes & 5-10 xslts. I need to pass a hardcoded value(user) to one of the field in xslt which will be common for all xslt files. Now i want not to do hardcoding in every xsl. Rather, i want to make change at a place which will be effective for all others. what's the best approach to achieve this.
Hi Vinit
I hope the following will solve your problem
1) create variable of type 'parameters'.
<variable name="XSLTParam" element="ns4:parameters"/>
<assign name="Assign9">
<from><com:parameters xmlns:com="">
<to variable="XSLTParam"/>
<from variable="your_user"
query="xpath+query of user"/>
<to variable="XSLTParam"
3) pass these values to xsl
<assign name="Assign1">
<from expression="ora:processXSLT('xsl/Transformation_1.xsl',bpws:getVariableData('Receive1_execute_InputVariable','part1'),bpws:getVariableData('XSLTParam'))"/>
<to variable="Invoke1_Produce_Message_InputVariable"
4) in xsl file
define parameter
<xsl:param name="USER"/>
<xsl:variable name="User_value">
<xsl:value-of select="$USER"/>
<xsl:value-of select="$User_value"/>
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