OS 10.8.2 - Click on Enter Time Machine - nothing happens

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Not sure if recent history matters, but including it.  Last week I had a problem with my display.  Took it in to Apple and had it repaired - new logic board installed.  Before taking it in, I decided to back up onto iCloud, which I had never used before.  I also have Time Machine back-ups on a WD Passport external drive, but I am always worried something could happen to it.
After my 6 year old MacBook Pro came back, I found that the calendar was stuck trying to access the server.  I wasn't able to quit Calendar or even Force Quit it - I would have to shut my computer down to make it stop.  If I opened it, it resumed trying to access the server for ever.  A couple of days later I disengaged from iCloud to solve this problem.  It warned me that I would lose my data.  I wasn't worried because I also had recent Time Machine backups on the external drive.
Now I would like to reinstall the data I lost using the back ups on the external drive.  But when I click on the Time Machine icon in the top menu bar and click on Enter Time Machine, nothing happens.  I tried opening it from Finder.  No go.
Any suggestions?  Or should I head back over to the Apple Store this weekend for help?
I have muddled through this and now have my calendar info back.  After posting the question I started closing windows and found that my external drive was no longer connected, though I hadn't intentionally disconnected it.  I restarted my system, reconnected my external drive, and then was able to enter Time Machine. 
I didn't find my calendar data file. 
I decided to try to recover the data from my iPod, but the sync didn't restore the information onto my MacBook.
I figured since I was facing a trip to the Apple store anyway, why not reconnect to iCloud and see what happened. This time it entered "connecting to server" and within two minutes it had connected and I had my appointments and birthdays restored.
Don't know why I had the issue in the first place, but will keep my fingers crossed for the future.
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