Oracle db to SAP R/3 synchronous solution ?

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I am looking for some comments from SDN members to come up with a solution.
<u>Requirement:</u> Automatically update the R/3 system based on the updates in the "external" Oracle database.
In order to accomplish this, currently we are working on the JDBC (Sender)> XI> R/3 ( RFC receiver) asynchronous scenario using poll interval to pull the data from Oracle db to R/3.
Instead we are looking for a synchronous sort of solution where Oracle pushes the data into R/3 as soon as update happens in the Oracle tables.
One of the possibility is to have a trigger in the database to generate the XML files using XMLGen.getxml utility.
Thanks for your time,
Hi Sunil.
If I understand correctly, you want to push data from Oracle to XI rather than polling the database from XI and retrieving data.
You may consider exposing your outbound interface in XI as a web service and then calling the web service from the triggers in Oracle. Thus data would be passed from the Oracle trigger to XI over SOAP.
This link would help you on how to call web service from PL/SQL
These links would help you on how to expose a web service from XI.
You can write the trigger for the appropriate action (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) on the database table and then call the web service.
Hope this help ,
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