OBIA Currency issue.

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Hi All,
We have installed BI Apps and is running fine. Suddenly we have noticed that a currency conversion is being done in Dollars($). Which required in ZAR.
We have tried modifying the DAC global Currency for the pre-defined container "Siebel 8.1.1 Vertical", but the global currency codes are grayed.
We have also tried to modify the parameter files in Informatica and tried to load data, But it doesn't help.
Please can anyone suggest any solution.
Thanks in Advance.
Hi Austin ,
Thanks for the reply ......
we have done the global currency gets changed but the Default currency is still same shows USD as the default currenct and the table S_ETL_PARAM in OLTP is still getting filled with USD as default currency and USD as base currecny as well.Still we need to change anything for this....?
we have also made the mapplet overide defaulted to YES in informatica.
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