Not showing results in simulation

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i made some chngs in (generate work schedule manually) in development server and transported to production server.
it is transported as i can view the changes but not showing result in simulation run, wats the reason...
National Holiday is a simple Off and Paid Day.
So, hw u want the system to consider tht holdiay in payroll ?
might be u have to check in Time Evaluation for considering National Holdiay and wrkin any any spl. .payments towards it.
theere may not be any change of effect due to Holiday in Payroll until and unless the Absence Records if existing on dates of Holiday... then u mite have to delete the Absence Records and Update it again.
Or there is a report that need to be generated to remove the inconsistency... which currently dont have idea... will check n let u knw... in the mean while u can follow deleting the record and update Absence on Holiday again.
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    hiii, i made some chngs in (generate work schedule manually) in development server and transported to production server. it is transported as i can view the changes but not showing result in simulation run, wats the reason... ThanksNational Holiday i

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