Not able to create a customer master record with US as the country code

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Hey All,
I am not able to create customer master data in the Transaction Code XD01/FD01 with the country code as US.
The error message for the same is *NO JURISDICTION CODE* COULD BE DETERMINED. I have checked the tax code settings but could not locate the problem.
I have checked the field in the account group(OBD2) but tax code is in  optional status
and also checked the country settings for US in the transaction code OY17 still the same error message,
but when I tried checking the settings for a different company code's customer data base (us in county code)
I can see that there is a number mentioned in the address tab under tax jurisdiction field (beside time zone) which is not populating for this company code.
So, do anyone know where exactly we mention this number so that it populates in that field of address.
Hope am clear.
hope to receive a solution
thanks & regards
You need to maintain the JURISDICTION CODE for country US. This  JURISDICTION CODE code mainatanance purely FI/CO part.. it depends on the country's tax procedures.. Better take the help from your FI/CO consultant..
Menu path for Defining tax jurisdiction code
IMG -- Financial accounting -- Financial accounting global settings -- tax on sales and purchases -- basic settings -- define tax jurisdiction
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