No of days caluculation in report

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hai all
i am working on Customer aging report
in this report i need to calculate no of days,
no of days i should get in days in numeric value
report running date ( subtract ) due date
for example
current report running date : 28.07.2006
due date                    : 15.05.2006
no of days should get  -- 75 days
like this result should come
please help me ,,, this report in final review
i need to solve this priority urgent
Hai Kumar
Check the following Code
data: DATE1 type sy-datum value '20060515',
      DATE2 type sy-datum value '20060728'.
DATE2 = DATE2 + 1.
      I_DATE_FROM          = DATE1
    I_KEY_DAY_FROM       =
      I_DATE_TO            = DATE2
    I_KEY_DAY_TO         =
    I_FLG_SEPARATE       = ' '
     E_DAYS               = D
     E_MONTHS             = M
     E_YEARS              = Y
write :/ D,
       / M,
       / Y.
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