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ok so... why has the simple process of browsing the web been made so damn annoying ?
i want to open a new tab next to a current tab and what do i have to do for this to happen ?
1) i see if there is any option for it in the options - there is nothing
2) i type in about:config and see if can find anything there - nothing
3) i go to google and search for some answers - nothing (the thread is probably closed)
4) i register an account to post a replay - nothing (the thread is closed -
5) i have to look for a place where i could post a new thread and ask why is that thread closed where i could easilly have posted my question
6) so - how do i make it happen without installing any special addons and why has this process been made so damn annoying ?
/firefox 33.1, win7
(i already installed that addon and now also updated ff, so lets see if anything changes)
##Support threads that are over 6 months old are automatically locked by the forum software, as with that thread which was started in May of 2012. As of very recently, Google shouldn't be indexing locked support threads here any more. I don't know how quickly that takes effect. Sorry for your inconvenience.##
my only inconvenience is the fact that you are trying to remove the whole point of having a google search engine and the freedom of the internet in the first place - why are the threads closing automatically without any automatic option to re-open them to add to a discussion on the free interwebz ?
tabmix plus is even more annoying because it wants to make the tabs look pointlessly "fancy" and you need to go through 15 pages of options to get the normal visual back (if its even possible)
i did set that preference to false, but it did not change anything (it was true before)
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