Network card not found after new installation [SOLVED]

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I broke my filesystem on my Asus UL80V series laptop in trying to solve problems related to the latest glibc update, so decided to do a clean re-install. I had an installation disk at hand: 2009.08 with kernel (which is supposed to have the module for my ath9k network device). However after a successful installation (including all the files from base-dev), my network device is not recognised:
dhcpcd: eth0: interface not found or invalid
although network connectivity (wired and wireless) worked perfectly before the installation attempt.
This happened yesterday (17th) and I have been scouring the web since trying to find out what the cause of this problem is, without luck.
I also burned a new installation CD with the latest stable version, but no luck there, either! Got a message at the beginning informing me that the install requires 64 Mb memory, although my laptop has 4 Gb.
I should say, the device is there and working:
lspci | grep Net
02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)
I also did
modprobe ath9k
just to make sure. No luck.
Any help will be appreciated.
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Argh, ip may not be around in the 2009 image really ;-) .. Use "ifconfig" instead..
But: I meanwhile cross-checked your ath9k: … h9k_driver
and it does not sound encouraging for the kernel you have there.
The image is far too old anyway, if you ask me (would be a darn hazzle to get that uptodate I am sure). Pity you get that memory error with the 2011 one. Maybe check forums on that. Sounds very strange, I am not aware of any post I read.
If you can burn another CD, you can try the recent ISOs as well:
Beware that the ones from July dont have the AIF setup anymore.
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