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Hello everyone...
I know emptying the trash has been as issue for many since OSX began, and I have read as much as I can to try and solve this problem myself with no luck. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, details are:
I was reinstalling Illustrator CS2 and trashed the old copy. What remains in my trash from this deletion is a folder called "Legal" and within this folder is a file called Tieng Viet.html. There is some non-English punctuation and it has a Safari icon.
I've tried emptying the trash, option-emptying the trash, using terminal to rm the file, and using the app Force Empty Trash which I believe automates the terminal process. I've tried fixing permissions with no luck. get info claims I can read & write. Details says it is owned by system, and is locked. i unlock it and try to change the owner to Mike (me) and I get the error message code 213.
Force Empty Trash generates the message rm: /Users/Mike/.Trash/Legal/Tieng Viet.html: No such file or directory
rm: /Users/Mike/.Trash/legal.localized: Directory not empty
I've also tried all of the above after rebooting, same results.
Any help is greatly appreciated, and be gentle, I'm a graphics guy not a tech of any kind. I basically only know enough to be dangerous.
Thanks in advance!
That would have been my next suggestion!  Good for you.
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