My Sony DVD has a ghost with it. New Drive needed

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Well i got one of the Sony drives and it is loud when it is running , which is okay but now at least once a day i have a Ghost come in my office and open the main superdrive than a few minutes later it closes . Maybe it is the ghost of Dell still lurking in my office. LOL
Anyway for less than a 100 dollars i may just change it out. So what is rated the absolute best for this machine cost be damned. preformance and noise count. i heard a couple names flying around but i will let the Mac pro's recommend something good . I burn quite a few DVD's for clients of my images and the more i do the more money i make. LOL
so who is the king of the hill. Thanks
Aren't they all really loud and bothersome? I don't believe I've come across a quiet drive when burning at 16x. Even at 8x they're all really loud. Or is that just me?
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