My ipod touch isn't showing up in itunes?

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It won't show. It's not the cable at all. I plugged up to the itunes on mom's computer and it showed up. I resatred my computer even installed new updates on my computer. I went as far as deleting programs I don't use. Itunes freezes up on me then I have to close it down. When I try to open it back up again, I have to click the shortcut on my desktop, on my toolbar, in my menu, and go as far as in the start menu and use the run option. I called apple and I had to pay to get help?!!?!?! That's some bullsh*t. I'm only a teenager. Where the **** am I going to get 29 dollars from?
BTW I'm using it on my pc and it's a second generation. If I uninstall Itunes will all of my music get deleted too??
Try here:
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
You do have OSX 10.5.8 or later?
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