My iPod shuffle is not found in iTunes but is found on Windows

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Ok here is my problem. When I purchased my iPod I loaded the iTunes program onto my computer from the disk that was included. For awhile I was able to import songs and add them to my iPod. After a few weeks I tried to add more songs to my iPod but when I connected it to the USB port in the back of my computer the iTunes program said there was not an iPod connected. At that time I did all of the 5 R's and eventually iTunes recognized my iPod and I was able to add my songs back to it. When I tried to add songs a few weeks later it did the same thing. I have tried every USB port that is located on my computer and it still does not show in iTunes. I have done ALL of the 5 R's. I have deleted the iTunes program and everything associated with it and reloaded it again (I have done this 3-4 times). My iPod is showing up in Windows but it is not showing up in iTunes. I have looked at all the manuals online and done everything they have told me to do and I still can't get this thing to work. So now I have an iPod with no music on it and can't get the program to acknowledge my iPod. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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Question -
When you say your iPod is recognized by MyComputer, is it showing as an Apple iPod or a Removable Disk?
You might want to try restoring the iPod once more, and if it doesn't correct the issue or if you're unable to restore, you can go ahead and format the iPod through Windows. Doing so will erase everything on the iPod, however, it normally allows iTunes to recognize it right away.
To reformat the iPod through Windows:
-Connect the iPod and wait for it to be recognized in My Computer.
-Right Click on the iPod's icon in My Computer, whether it is an Apple iPod or a Removable Disk.
-Click on Format
-Click on QuickFormat
-Click on Start
When it is complete, iTunes should open more or less automatically with the iPod Setup Assistant, where you can rename it and sync files to it.
**Note: Sometimes, when going through this, your computer will become extremely sluggish. It is important to be patient, and not click on the buttons more than once.
Good luck!
Feel free to reply with more questions, or if you're having more problems.
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