My 4th gen iPod Touch does not work with Ford sync since updating OS

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When I updated my iPod to the new os, it does not work with my ford sync system anymore. how do I fix this?
Have lots of issues with Fords MySync and here's some info that might help....
Using ford sync interface, goto the phone section, then settings, and look if your iPhones name is listed, if so select the phone name thru sync interface and remove/delete it from the sync list, then go thru the Bluetooth pairing process again.
If that doesn't work, do the same on the iPhone, select ford sync entry in Bluetooth and remove sync or forget this device on the iPhone and then go thru Bluetooth pairing again.
If that doesn't work Power off iphone ( not sleep) hold power button till you see red slider to power off. Then restart iphone, try pairing up again.
If that doesn't work go back to MySync and goto phone settings and use the up-down slider till you see sync master reset. Confirm then go thru BT pairing again.
If that doesn't work there is a fuse for the my sync system. Fuse box is usually behind kick panel of front passenger seat side for the Mustang #3, its behind a paper black cover. Remove fuse for 5-30 secs then replace.
Lastly, make sure your MySync Firmware is the latest vers. Mines 4.0.2 goto fords MySync support page to check
or call 1-800-392-3673 Opt 3
A google search might help for your model and year if not a newer mustang and you couldn't get to ford.
Good Luck
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