Multiple email addresses getting crossed in Mail.  How fix?

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My husband and I have 3 email accounts (2 Gmail and 1 Yahoo) set up in Mail.  The two Gmail accounts get crossed so I will send a message from mine and his Gmail gets posted as the sender, so that's who people reply to.  This happens even if I reply from his account and manually change the sender back to my Gmail.  How can we fix this? 
It may be that you have more than one outgoing mail account, and you're sending from the wrong one. From the Mail menu bar, select
Mail ▹ Preferences 
The Mail preference dialog opens. Select the Composing tab from the row of icons at the top. From the menu labeled
Send new messages from:
Account of selected mailbox
If that doesn't solve the problem, select the Accounts tab in the preference dialog, then select the affected account in the list on the left.
In the Account Information pane, select the correct server in the menu labeled
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
If there's only one server in the menu, select
Edit SMTP Server List...
and add a new server with the correct settings. If you're not sure how to do that, try the Mail Setup Assistant.
Another possibility is that the wrong card in your address book is selected as yours. Select your card in the Contacts application. Then select
Card ▹ Make This My Card
from the menu bar.
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