Moving pictures from Ovi to standard folders

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This probably sounds stupid, but now I have used Ovi Suite to copy my photos from my N95 onto my computer, I cannot seem to do anything with them.  They must be on my computer, as they still show in Ovi Suite when my phone is not plugged in.  But I cannot actually see them anywhere in any folders when I check through Explorer.  The Nokia information says to drag and drop onto a folder, but when I try doing that there is an X over the photo and nothing happens.  If I try to right click "Copy to device" is greyed out, and there is no option "copy to computer".  So I cannot find any way to get the images into a folder where I can work on them with Photoshop, print them etc.  Help!
The Photos transferred from your Phone by OviSuite are usually stored in My Documents\My Pictures under directories with names like 2010-11 [for Photos transferred in Nov 2010].  You may have changed that default directory. 
If you can't find those directories you could try searching for the Photos themselves.  When imported by OviSuite he photos thenselves have been named DDMMYYYY001, DDMMYYYY002 etc.  So take a new photo on say 5 Nov 2010, sync the photos to the computer then search for a file named 05112010001.jpg.  Don't worry about the numbering if you have already taken photos on the 5th Nov 2010.  Even if the test photo is the 100th taken that day there will be a 05112101001.jpg on your computer.
This is all based on OviSuite
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