Moving 2 photos from LR to PS to work in layers.

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I have LR 5 and PS 6.  I have a Mac OSX 10.6.8  Shoot with a  D800.  When I select 2 photos and right click on edit in PS as layers, it gives me the message "may require ACR plug in 7.2 for full compatibility"  I called Adobe and I paid someone $19.00 to make sure I had the 7.2 plug in.  When I click open anyway, they don't show up in PS, just a black screen.  I called and they say they don't give phone help for PS now.  Do you know a phone number I could call to get help with this question?  I would gladly pay another $19 to know how to get them to open up in PS.  So frustrating!!  Thank you!
Nikon Nana Diane wrote:
I have LR 5 and PS 6.
I assume you mean Photoshop CS6.
You shouldn't be having to pay someone to tell you how to update Photoshop!
First off, does it download and install all the updates you need (including Camera Raw 8.6, which is much newer and better than 7.2) if you go into Photoshop and choose Help - Updates?
If not, you might find help on this page:
Keeping Photoshop Up-To-Date
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